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Comptroller detects irregularities in payment of extraordinary bonus in Utcubamba Health Network

The fact generated an economic damage of S/ 53 thousand 150.



The Comptroller General detected that in the framework of the national health emergency due to COVID-19, the Utcubamba Health Network granted an extraordinary bonus to administrative personnel that did not correspond to it, which generated an economic loss for the entity of S / 53,150 Presumed civil and administrative responsibility was identified in one official and four former public servants.

Through Emergency Decree No. 026-2020 and its amendments, the state authorized the granting of an extraordinary bonus of S / 720 in favor of health and administrative personnel who provide face-to-face services in the framework of the health emergency by COVID – 19 and is registered in the application of the National Registry of Health Personnel – INFORHUS; excluding trusted administrative personnel and managers and personnel who exclusively perform remote work.

The Specific Control Report No. 005-2022-2-4783-SCE indicates that said benefit was granted in the period from April to December 2020, and that an official and four former employees of the Utcubamba Health Network did not ensure the correct identification of the beneficiaries.

In this way, the control commission evidenced that the entity identified, validated and approved the nominal relationship that included as beneficiaries of the extraordinary bonus of S/ 720, personnel who performed exclusively administrative positions and who did not meet the criteria established in the regulatory framework of Emergency Decree No. 026-2020 and its amendments.

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